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exterior detailing Services

Level 1 Decontaminate and Protect

RECOMMENDED FOR: A newer car, or a car that has been previously well-kept.  Swirling & paint defects are minimal.  This keeps the paint healthy & crisp.  Also a great service to be performed yearly whether coated or not. Also good if the car is exposed to Mother Nature more frequently (lack of garage). This is more of your typical wax job, but with premium products with an experienced eye.


-Wheel and Tire deep clean
-Pressure wash & foam soak vehicle
-Surface decontamination
-Condition tires & trim
-Clean & protect glass
-Detail Exhaust tips
-Silica wax or silica spray if already coated applied for good protection and deep gloss
PRICE = $200 Average Cars, $250 full size SUV/Truck

Level 2: 1 Step Correction

RECOMMENDED FOR: Easily our most popular paint service in the lineup!  At this level we begin digging to remove some paint defects.  Whether it is water etching, heavy swirls, oxidation, etc.  This package cuts heavier to provide a revival to a more neglected finish. If your car has NEVER BEEN POLISHED BEFORE, we recommend you start here, especially if your car has more than 20,000 miles on it. This is also a great choice if you just purchased a used vehicle. We will do our best to get the most results with only ONE compounding/buffing step to revive your paint.


-Wheel and tire deep clean
-Pressure wash & foam soak vehicle
-Surface decontamination
-Condition tires & trim  
-1-STAGE  machine polish for more moderate defect repair and clarity returned to the paint
-Clean glass, windshield coated in glassparency 
-2 year high performing and high gloss ceramic caoting applied, gtechniq Exo v4
-Wheel faces coated
PRICE = Starting at $850 for convertibles and small cars, $1000 for coupes, $1100 for most sedans, $1200 full size SUV/Trucks

For the best protection available, have a look at our pages regarding ceramic coatings

Level 3: Compound, Polish and Ceramic Coat

RECOMMENDED FOR: Any car looking for the absolute best protection possible after making the paint look its best. This package provides a truly intense restoration to a the paint finish. This will remove every swirl and MOST scratches for a near perfect finish. Every level 3 is protected by a ceramic coating, the option for coatings and duration are up to you to fit your budget and needs.


-Wheel, tire, fender well deep clean
-Pressure wash & foam soak vehicle
-Surface decontamination  
-Condition tires, fender wells, & trim
-2+STAGE heavy cut & polish for deep defect repair, paint leveling, and gloss restoration
-Clean, polish, & protect glass  
-Ceramic Coat Wheel Faces
-Ceramic Coat Plastic Trim
-Ceramic Coat Glass
-Ceramic Coat Paint

PRICE = $1600-$2000 depending of coating. Find your coating here.