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Car Ceramic Coating Services

We've logged hundreds of hours installing ceramic coatings, learning exactly what factors effect installation.

Just a few of the benefits of owning a vehicle with our ceramic coatings

  • Insane levels of gloss

  • Light swirl & scratch resistance

  • Ridiculous hydrophobic & self-cleaning properties

  • Long term durability, 2-5 yrs.

  • Ultimate resilience against water spots

  • Vehicle stays cleaner, longer - MUCH easier to wash/dry

  • High surface tension means less debris adhesion

  • Deep, candy finish after every wash, no need for wax again

When applying this semi-permanent protection to a vehicle, MANY variables come in to play.  How is this different from waxing? It's not a simple "wipe on-wipe off" installation.  If not installed by a trained individual, many things can go wrong and cause serious issues.

While conventional sealants and waxes are glossy & wonderful. Absolutely nothing protects like a ceramic coating.  The resilience & durability of a ceramic coating is truly next level.  Instead of just a "film" on your paint, like a conventional sealant or wax,  a ceramic coating is a hardened surface material that bonds with your clear coat; acting like a sacrificial clear coat for your paint finish.

Wheel and Metal Ceramic Coating Services

Wheels-off Ceramic Coating Service

RECOMMENDED FOR:  ANY SET wheels, tires, brake calipers, & general undercarriage that's in much need of attention & strong ceramic protection is desired. This package will completely revive some commonly overlooked areas in your day-to-day detailing regimen.

We STRONGLY recommend this for European cars (Audi, Porsche, Land Rover, Mercedes, etc.) & sports cars (Corvette, Mustang, Viper, Subaru, Lamborghini, etc.)  The brake dust produced by these exceeds that of traditional vehicles and gets embedded into the wheel surface.

WHAT'S PERFORMED?  The car will get placed on our lift, and the wheels will be removed from the vehicle with a torque wrench for a complete and thorough cleaning, which includes the backside and barrels of the wheels. in addition to hand scrubbing and nourishing BOTH front and back of tires as well.  At this point, after thoroughly drying, the wheels and brake calipers will be treated with a wheel coating for 1.5/2yrs. of real protection.

PRICE = $400 for most, vehicle/soil level dependent & Wheel polishing is extra

This is also a great service to get on your polished aluminum engine bay tanks, Intercooler piping, valve covers, exhaust tips, ect. The ceramic will seal the aluminum rendering it super hydrophobic, sealed and protected. No more polishing, just dry after washed or wipe with a clean microfiber.


Make Your Cloth Top bead Like Paint

You can not only have your paint bead and have a self cleaning effect, this can also be installed on a Cloth, Vinyl and leather convertible tops. After install your top will bead very well. Top will be scrubbed multiple times, Once blow dried two layers of a fabric ceramic coating will be applied. 

PRICE = As low as $100 for most vehicles


Ceramic Coating Seal on Aluminum

Ceramic Coating Seal on Aluminum

Ceramic Coating on Benz

Ceramic Coating on Benz

Wheels Off Ceramic Coating Service

Wheels Off Ceramic Coating Service