Northern CT Professional Detailing

Our Mission:

Paint Perfection.

Northern CT Professional Detailing is a car detailing and restoration shop which specializes in high quality ceramic coatings serving Connecticut and Springfield.


Our Mission

Northern CT Professional Detailing has been obsessed with making paint perfect for over 10 years. We specialize in vintage and luxury car and truck detailing. We are obsessed with achieving that perfect, wet looking paint finish that car enthusiasts love.


Our Services

At Northern CT Professional Detailing we have a wide selection of services to meet your car detailing and restoration needs. Whether you're in need of a simple cleaning, detailing or full paint restoration Northern Ct Professional Detailing is only a call away..


A History of Paint Perfection

Click above to see examples of our restoration and detailing work .

Interior Detailing Services

Select the interior cleaning and conditioning package that is right for you. Whether it's for your classic car, bike, everyday driver, big rig, truck or trailer - we have a detailing service that will fit your needs.

Ceramic Coatings

Northern CT Professional Detailing is a Certified Ceramic Coating Installer. We are one of a limited number of ceramic coating specialists serving the Connecticut and Springfield area.

Exterior Paint restoration

At Northern CT Professional Detailing, our goal is paint perfection. If you need a new car preservation, correction or a restoration for a priceless classic - we have the paint restoration package for you.