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Motorcycle detailing Services


RECOMMENDED FOR: A bike that's loved, but needs some "punch" to erase some defects, and minor restoration of all surfaces.

WHAT'S PERFORMED?  The paint and chrome receive a 1-stage polish, all by machine.  What can't be machine polished is done by hand.  This process will remove moderate swirls from the paint and moderate discoloration of the chrome.  While restoring a great deal of gloss, depth, and clarity to both.  We then top everything off with a generous coat of our best sealants for protection & even further gloss enhancement.  Any leather is also scrubbed, and reconditioned for superb health and conditioning.  Wheels are hand polished.

PRICE = $250

Level 2 Motorcycle

RECOMMEDNDED FOR: A bike that's been neglected, or hasn't ever been professionally polished, protected, or detailed.

WHAT'S PERFORMED?  Everything from the above service, and now a multi-stage paint correction for deeper results.  No kidding, this package is the ultimate in your motorcycle's  detailing restoration.  Deep revival in all areas.
***No disassembly of the mechanics will be done, we don't assume the risk or liability of such.***

PRICE = $400

DD a 2+ Year Ceramic coating to above packages to the paint and metal for $250

**SPECIAL NOTE** One factor that may affect pricing, would be a set of heavily spoked wheels.  Any wheels that are beyond a basic cast design, may incur an up charge due to the need of heavier detailing.  As they can require several man hours to polish.