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Watercraft detailing Services

LEVEL 1 Shine

Recommended for: A watercraft that is well-kept, and all that is needed for a "yearly" service or performed as an "enhancement" detail.

What's Performed: Light, yet thorough interior detail.  Including vaccuum, quick decontamination, & conditioning.  Exterior wash, 1-stage gel coat correction to remove light oxidation & restore gloss including sealant application and thorough exterior detailing.

Time invested 12-19 hours
Price = $450-$700 depending on size of craft

Level 2 Restoration

Recommended for: A watercraft that has been forgotten for awhile, hasn't been detailed in 2-3 years, and oxidation has set into the gel coat.  Stronger interior revival is needed, from a deeper level of sediment settling in.  Heavier levels of contamination reside on the hull.

What's Performed: A deeper interior detail, scrubbing is now implemented restoration results.  Followed by conditioning & UV block applied.  A stronger 2-stage gel coat correction is now dealt, in an attempt to remove the heavier oxidation.  Thorough exterior detailing.

Time invested 15-30 hours
Price = $700-$1,000 depending on size of craft

ADD Ceramic Coating to All Gel Coat $400+ size depending



Ceramic Coating Application on Boat

Ceramic Coating Application on Boat