Meet Nick Rolocut

I'm Nick Rolocut, Owner of Northern CT Professional Detailing. I've been involved with car detailing and paint restoration for over 10 years and recently added ceramic coating to our service offerings. 

My passion for automobiles is evident in the training I provide my team and in the quality of our product. When you leave your car, bike, truck or just your wheels in the hands of Northern CT Professional Detailing; you can rest assured that they are in the hands of true detailing and restoration professionals.

Nick Rolocut, Owner - Northern CT Professional Detailing

"Proper paint correction, clear color clarity, ceramic coat application, it’s all in the details, great quality workmanship!"

— Thomas Dembkoski,
Northern CT Professional Detailing Customer


Northern CT Professional Detailing

Northern CT Professional Detailing is a car detailing and restoration shop which specializes in high quality ceramic coatings serving Connecticut and Springfield. Our mission is paint perfection.